Slimline Tanks

Sizes – Up to 4m long
Width – Minimum 600mm – maximum width 1200mm
Height – Minimum 800mm – maximum 2315mm

Capacity ranges from 800L – 9050L

Slimline tanks are a great alternative when you have space constraints or want the tank to be hidden. Typically used for residential applications, they are ideal to utilise a wasted space to store valuable water. Many builders also use these tanks to meet the NSW BASIX requirements where the water is fed to the washing machine and toilets. The tanks are available in the stainless steel look or can be colour coated to any colourbond colour.

Slimline tanks range from 800 litres up to 10,000 Litres and range in price from $800 up to $4600.

Standard inclusions are as follows

Light and vermin guard fitted to the inlet of your tank. This is fixed into the lid of your tank to stop light which promotes algae growth and stop any vermin entering the tanks
Hi flow leaf strainer which sits in the light guard and can be easily lifted out for cleaning
Outlet 25mm (female) stainless outlet
100mm PVC overflow.
Stainless steel internal bracing
Additional upgrades

Add as many outlets to your tank as required 25mm or 50mm
Add additional inlet strainers and overflow
Upgrade from 304 stainless (standard) to 316 stainless. Price on application, however it normally averages around 30% more.

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